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UC Davis Sciences Laboratory Building and Sciences Lecture Hall

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The Sciences Laboratory Building and Sciences Lecture Hall are both located on the beautiful University of California, Davis campus. These state of the art facilities were built in order to keep up with the continuing and rapid growth in science and to providing a higher education for the UCD students. Schetter Electric provided the electrical material and installation for both buildings.

The Laboratory is three stories and 141,216 square feet, with a basement for mechanical equipment. The building has 34 wet teaching labs for the study of biology and chemistry. The facility contains a herbarium space, a bioinformatics computer laboratory, and offices for teaching support staff. The building also features a large greenhouse, refrigerated storage rooms, fume hoods, three projection panels with an ultrahigh-resolution projection system, and sterilizers.

The Sciences Lecture Hall is 11,355 square foot and is one of the largest on campus. The lecture hall features an advanced instruction technology and 517 tiered seats.