CHP Crescent City

Project Info

Project Description

Schetter Electric provided and installed the electrical installation for the New CHP Crescent City Facility. The CHP Crescent City Project is a relocation facility for the local field base of operations made up of 3 buildings A, B/C & D totaling 27,339sf. The campus contains a 125’ tall communications tower with a 438sf radio vault room. The main building A contains a complete auto maintenance facility with tire balancer, tire changer, parts washer, 2 vertical vehicle lifts and a vehicle exhaust extraction system. There is also a vehicle car wash, a fuel service station (with a 5KVA UPS backup) and 2 electric vehicle charging stations.

The main electrical system consists of a 800A main switchboard, 2 distribution switchboards and 8 branch panelboards complete with a 350kw / 438KVA standby generator & ATS with a 150KVA load bank. The facility is also supported by an 8.5kw photovoltaic system installed on two separate carports. Building lighting is Lithonia LED with nlight automation controls.