Howard F. Schetter

Originally founded in 1958 as Howard F. Schetter Electric, Schetter Electric’s history is deeply embedded in Northern California. Our company roots date back to the early 1900s when Mr. C.E Vorlander, Howard’s uncle, first established Reliable Elevator and Electrical Works in Sacramento, CA.

Steeped in traditions of quality, value, innovation, and building lasting customer relationships, Schetter Electric has continued its dedication to consistently provide superior-level service over the decades.


  • 1919- Mr. Charles Ewald (C.E.) Vorlander, uncle to Howard F. Schetter, establishes Reliable Elevator and Electric Works in Sacramento, CA.
  • 1929- C.E. Vorlander is a founding member of Western Electrical Contractors Association.
  • 1936- Howard F. Schetter joins Reliable Elevator as an apprentice
  • 1937- Western Electrical Contractors Association officially incorporates in October. The Articles of Incorporation list seven members, including C.E. Vorlander.
  • 1938- The 1st recognized electrical apprenticeship program is offered in the Sacramento region. Howard Schetter is one of three participants in the inaugural class.
  • 1945- Howard returns from WWII and resumes working at Reliable Elevator and Electric Works
  • 1948- Howard becomes partner at Reliable Elevator

Frank Schetter


  • 1958- Reliable Elevator and Electric Works dissolves. Howard seizes the opportunity to establish his own business, Howard F. Schetter Electric.
  • 1961- Company name changes to Schetter Electric, Inc.
  • 1970- Howard’s son, Frank, joins the company as a journeyman
  • 1976- Vince Bernacchi joins Schetter Electric as an apprentice electrician
  • 1980- The Schetter team moves from their original O Street location to their present day location on Bannon Street.
  • 1981- Schetter Electric is a founding member of Sacramento Electrical Contractors Association (SECA).
  • 1983- Schetter joins the National Electrical Contractors Association (NECA)
  • 1983- Howard retires and Frank is appointed President
  • Between 1983 and early 2000’s, Schetter Electric experiences a tremendous amount of growth within the greater Sacramento region and expanding their reach with projects in San Jose, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Pittsburg, Oakland, San Ramon, Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, Concord, Fairfield and Vacaville.
  • 2006- Vince Bernacchi is appointed President and Frank Schetter becomes CEO
  • 2008- Schetter Electric officially expands into the Bay Area with the opening of an office in Martinez, CA.
  • 2008- Schetter Electric celebrates a major milestone in reaching its 50th anniversary