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UC Davis Chiller and Cooling Tower Replacement

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Project Description

The UC Davis Central Chiller and Cooling Tower Replacement project was a design assist project which consisted of the demolition of two steam absorption chillers, one steam driven centrifugal chiller, and one three cell cooling tower. Schetter Electric provided electrical materials and installation for the UC Davis Chiller and Cooling Tower Replacement. Along with the demolition the project also consisted of the installation of one 2,500 ton centrifugal water electric driven chiller and the connection via a new 12kV medium voltage electrical duct bank. Installation of the 12kV duct bank required extensive research, coordination, and timing to maintain all roadways, parking lots, and facilities to keep them active during construction due to the extensive amount of utilities (marked and unmarked) that were involved in the routing of the 1⁄4 mile duct bank from the existing switching station to the central utility plant.
Installation of the plant included utility receptacles, interior and exterior lighting, connection to the cooling tower and chiller, supplying and installation of a new 4,160v switchgear, two 12kV transformers, and two 12kV circuit interrupters.