Jackson Labs

The Jackson Laboratories West - Expansion Project

Project Info

Project Description

Schetter Electric provided and installed the electrical installation for the expansion Jackson Labs. The building project was an existing two-story cold, dark shell. The building is 110,891 SQ FT made of concrete tilt-up wall panels with interior columns supporting structural lumber framing for roofing. This facility was created to further expand Jackson Laboratory West’s ability to operate in a controlled, stable environment.
Phase I was a complete TI with first floor program space of 73,340 SQ FT, consisting of 46,800 SQ FT of dirty, clean space ABSL-2 and 26,540 SQ FT of ABSL-3 production area. The second floor space is 37,551 SQ FT, consisting of 26,100 SQ FT of dirty, clean space ABSL-2 and 11,451 SQ FT of ABSL-3 production area.
Schetter Electric furnished and installed the following major electrical components in a N+1 design:
• A new 4000a SMUD service, switchboard and distribution
• Two new 600kw generators in parallel
• Three transfer switches
• Four electrical rooms
• Chiller plant
• Boiler plant
• Three air handlers
• Sterilizers
• Cage wash, and fill
• A complete addressable fire alarm notification system